Citroën Survolt: Glamor and transgressive

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Survolt overturns received ideas by combining the glamor and extravagance of haute couture with the dynamism of motor racing, while adding a touch of impertinence with its 100% electric engine.

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A unique silhouette

With its compact dimensions, Survolt uses the stylistic codes of the world of sportswomen to better appropriate them.

Cut low and racy, Survolt plays on the contrasts between a bonnet with rounded lines and massive and sculpted sides, highlighted by marked wheel arches, a promise of performance and sensations.

A strong personality

Survolt's slender horizontal headlamps, drawn from the world of high-performance sports coupes, are both charming and profound. A light signature composed of LEDs adds a contemporary and technological touch.

At the back, Survolt uses the elegant light signature of Revolte. An essential reference to the world of motorsport, a spoiler completes the stealth line of the concept car.

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A refined and sporty interior

The Survolt cabin was imagined as a cross between two worlds that everything opposes in essence. This symbiosis creates a universe that is both fluid and technical, from which the cockpit springs. Everything has been thought out and designed to bring well-being and refinement to both occupants, to trigger a unique pleasure, an exceptional experience.

The Survolt cockpit is treated like a floating cell, a glass case set in chrome hoops, magnificent pieces of jewelry. The use of large glass surfaces brings light and a feeling of space, the opposite of what a sports car offers today.

Power and transcendent sensations

Survolt is powered by a 100% electric propulsion mode. This innovation makes it possible to combine sportiness and performance with respect for the environment and sustainable development.

While offering irreproachable environmental driving, this mode of propulsion combines driving pleasure, sensations, performance and dynamism, all in the greatest comfort, because it is silent.

With Survolt, Citroën offers a new vision of the automobile, that of an innovative brand focused on creativity and technology.

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Compact dimensions

Length: 3.85m

Width: 1.87m

Height: 1.20m

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Technical characteristics :

Weight: 1150 kg

Power: 220KW

Max speed: 260 km / h

Acceleration: 0 to 100 in 4.9 sec

Range: 200 km

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