Citroën Lacoste (2010)

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Two names, CITROËN and LACOSTE, a common vision: cultivating daring, creativity and optimism.

It is from this community of values that the CONCEPT CITROËN LACOSTE was born.

Emblem of a state of mind, a way of life and even a posture, this car is an obvious reference to the world of leisure and pleasure. It favors, in fact, a simplified approach to the automobile to go to the essential, without forgetting the refinement, and thus makes it possible to approach life with an irresistible lightness and freshness.

Resolutely and intrinsically CITROËN while being typically LACOSTE, positioned at the crossroads of the automotive world, that of fashion and sport, the concept car continues to multiply the nods to these different universes. On board, the technology is also part of a playful register which underlines this

apparent paradox between conceptual mastery and lightness of tone.

With its presence and its joie de vivre, both technological and innovative, the CITROËN LACOSTE CONCEPT places travel as a unique experience, an unparalleled sensory adventure for all its passengers.

Pure, simple, and relaxed while remaining sophisticated, the CITROËN LACOSTE CONCEPT sets a new milestone in the definition of the vehicle of tomorrow, a vehicle whose desire is to put an end to the diktat of "always more" which sometimes prevails in the automotive world. . This car thus nourishes CITROËN's thinking about this approach, which focuses on the essentials to create new models that are both accessible and virtuous while remaining ambitious in terms of emotions, in particular thanks to a rewarding style.


Sweeping aside prejudices about the compact car, the CONCEPT CITROËN LACOSTE loudly asserts that other avenues exist.

Chic in its sobriety, elegant in its relaxation, this car reveals at first glance a general morphology of an offbeat sportswoman: a high waistline, bulging and textured fenders, a minimal overhang,

four-cornered wheels and golf ball-style rims are its finery.

Then, it is his very open physique that commands attention. The latter promises to clearly promote driving sensations while keeping inventiveness and elegance as a guideline.

Thus, thanks to wide cutouts at the front doors, the absence of a hardtop, passengers are in direct contact with the elements. Traveling on board necessarily awakens the senses and rather than

to be retained in a protective bubble which cuts them off from the world, the occupants of this model evolve in a reality where the sensations are magnified. And if that were not enough, the concept car offers the possibility of lowering the windshield completely until its complete disappearance since, in this configuration, it follows the lines of the hood exactly.

In its own way, the car highlights the very current concept of augmented reality in which the perception of the world takes on a new acuteness, as if the senses were heightened.

The elegance of CONCEPT CITROËN LACOSTE is to put this approach in place while maintaining this lightness of tone which is written in the depths of its genes. The choice of propulsion mode is thus directly concerned.

Here, there is no need for large displacement encouraging to cross prohibited speeds to experience thrills. The concept car opts for a 3-cylinder petrol engine with adequate performance to move a vehicle of its size and weight. Flexible, economical and ecological, this engine, whose light tone contributes to the playful atmosphere of the experience, responds perfectly to the vehicle logic which favors the essentials in which the CITROËN LACOSTE CONCEPT fits.

Respectful of its environment thanks to its engine, the vehicle is as much through its design choices. This model, however equipped with large tires, seems to "fit" more to the

nature more than it confronts it. This impression is made concrete by the subtle graphics in the form of soft undulations of the wheels of the concept car. This approach suggests that the CONCEPT CITROËN LACOSTE driver is playing with the elements to have more fun.

Thanks to him, each trip takes on meaning and takes on the character of a new experience. The world thus perceived is even more beautiful and more striking.


In addition to being discoverable, as if to approach life with even more lightness and freshness, the car reveals compact, muscular and reassuring volumes. Compact and robust at the same time (length: 3.45 m, width:

1.80 m, height: 1.52 m and wheelbase: 2.30 m), this model expresses unfailing know-how and mastery.

This sobriety also gives rise to the chic and relaxed character of this vehicle. Its color directly extends this effect: mainly pearly white, the body of the CONCEPT CITROËN LACOSTE is enhanced by dark navy blue areas with graphic shapes or by edging emphasizing the volumes of the vehicle.

Take a seat on board? A matter of simplicity. There is indeed no door at the front but a large cutout flattering the stylistic treaty of the car.

To access the rear seats? Nothing easier. Just jump on board to sit on the bench. And when space becomes imperative, this bench retracts into the trunk and frees up an interior space intended for

to receive luggage, sports equipment, etc.

Moreover, the car can for this purpose be embellished with sporting articles specifically designed for it: tennis racket, golf club, skis, surfboard, bike, ball ... which will allow its users to choose the

thematic of their weekends.

At the crossroads of the automotive world, that of fashion and sport, the CONCEPT CITROËN LACOSTE multiplies the references to these different universes.

Thus, the passenger compartment of the vehicle includes numerous storage spaces intended to make life on board easier. Discreet, they are hidden under the ends of the dashboard and in the two benches. Closed by a closure at

green zipper, it is a reminder to the border of the same color which overhangs the seats. These are also covered with a white cotton pique whose weft clearly evokes that of polo shirts, icon of the

LACOSTE brand.

As for the seat belt anchorages, they quite naturally take up the cutout specific to the neckline of these same polo shirts. The seats are covered with a more resistant cotton, in the form of a rope, a direct quote from the

ribbing of the same brand.

Like a wardrobe made up of several types of clothing, accessories and fabrics, the CONCEPT CITROËN LACOSTE plays with different colors and materials.

To cultivate its playful, simple and elegant character, the latter favors obvious shades such as white and very dark blue. But to enhance the whole, several touches of a very bright, almost fluorescent yellow dot the interior: first of all at the level of the handles in soft and pleasant rubber like tennis balls as well as inside. different storage.

Lightweight and fun, the CONCEPT CITROËN LACOSTE has all the features of a familiar object. Some details refer in particular to the sporting world of the crocodile brand. In several areas of the bodywork, particularly in the hood and apron, relief graphics take place. Square in appearance, they seem straight out of a tennis net. The shoe, which also rises from the sill, at the front and at the rear, suggests an imprint left by a sports shoe on clay. These graphics are also visible on the rims of the concept car but in a treatise which, this time, evokes that of a golf ball.


On board the CONCEPT CITROËN LACOSTE, the technology is also part of a playful register and underlines this apparent paradox between conceptual mastery and lightness of tone.

Thus, this model does not strictly speaking have a fixed roof and, in its place, sports a "T" -shaped structure which is anchored at the level of the windshield to extend to the latter's trunk. Real backbone

for this model, its functions are multiple. A valuable aid in getting into the car, this “T” also accommodates a clever device offering more complete shelter to passengers. A self-inflating hood

is deployed along this structure to form a soft roof. Tinted the same yellow as the handles of the car, it is the guarantee of having the sun on board even in rainy weather.

Invisible at first glance, this system turns into a surprising spectacle when it is put into action. And rather than resorting to a traditional solution, through this inflatable hood, the CITROËN CONCEPT

LACOSTE remains faithful to its simple and light spirit.

In the same vein, the dashboard strip becomes the car's display screen. It serves as a support for driving information such as speed or directional indications. The messages

then appear in the form of pictograms with oversized pixels. The affective nod to the first video game consoles is obvious, but behind this very naive appearance, it is nevertheless the most common technologies.

more recent ones that are implemented.

Associated with the driving position, the two-spoke steering wheel of the CONCEPT CITROËN LACOSTE amazes with its refined design, simplicity and amplitude. However, when it comes to leaving space for passengers

before to be installed on board, the latter can be moved out of its usual axis and attached to the dashboard, in height. Access to the front bench is thus cleverly optimized.

Finally, even the concept car's front and rear headlights are discreet to the point of being invisible. Hidden under the navy blue skin of the vehicle, they only become apparent when they kick in. In addition to a

Apparent visual sobriety, this bias allows for a unique and magical staging of the lighting functions.